The Body Knows New Things




"The Body Knows New Things" is the sequel to "The Geography of Kitchen Tables" and follows Cebo’s journey after he is awarded a year's scholarship to Cal State Channel Islands. He moves from a South Africa that is still in turbulent recovery from apartheid, to a post-election turbulent America dealing with political and social issues that have exacerbated cultural and racial divisions.


"It starts...
…on a plane.

That is not true because it starts in Johannesburg in a small, dark, sweaty room. Me, just as sweaty because I am standing in front of the sangoma. Without turning my head: smoke and strings of seed pods, beads, bones and long twisted strands of things that were once human. It is not wise to look closely in the sangoma’s house.

She sits in a green velvet armchair, her glasses strung around her neck on a strand of orange wool, a Glamour magazine close to her face. She holds out a palm. I move forward and hand over the MP3 player for her indlamu prayers and the Megadeth songs that she says help to clear her head."