Air Drop

She leans back against the cabin wall. She’s discovered how to twirl the knife. She can flip and swivel it against the back of her fingers. How did her hand do that? The glitter knife balances and jumps and flicks back into her hand. Did she just learn it? Or did her hand always know?

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Pink Star

They found Shaj. She was in the forest. They saw the pink and yellow costume first. They said it was all torn like an animal had chewed it up.

We had a procession and flowers and the drums. I did not have to see Shaj. I know how she looks, and it is not a torn-up puppet.

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Home is Where

Ma and I go down to the brown rocks to wash the clothes in the river. Ma stops to talk to auntie-from-two-streets-down and I carry the basket by myself.  I do the first rinsing to make everything wet and soft. Ma is still not back, so I use my special invisible powers to sneak past the other women and climb up through the trees to my special log.